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Navigating the decentralized future.


Web3, Blockchain & NFT Consulting





Empower your team to define direction in the Web3 ecosystem by educating them on what exists today. Our team runs workshops with departments and executives so that you can cut through the noise and understand the importance of this new world for your business.



Understand comps, successful or not, in your industry. The Ethereal group is deeply ingrained in the current web3 landscape, has been deeply involved in large and small projects, and can introduce you to what’s worked and what hasn’t based on your business and your KPI’s.



The output of a strong foundational understanding of web3 in your business is a strategy for entering the space. Our team is comprised of technologists, business strategists, legal experts, and engineers will help you define the next 18-36 months of your web3 strategy. The goal of this service is to bring a well vetted plan and active prototype to the broader organization to approve and implement.



The combination of education, strategy, and deployment require a clear roadmap to support the initiative long term. Will you need to hire internally? What impact should this have on revenue or user growth? What impact should this have on our 5 year plan? These are questions we need to be prepared to answer, and the roadmap we establish will allow us to make progress as this world evolves.


Our proprietary marketplace allows our partners to deploy their project in a safe and secure environment. We believe it’s important for our partners to have access to their customers' data, to be in control of the rules and regulations surrounding the marketplace, and to control the branding and narrative. This service is unique to Ethereal, and a part of our custom solutions.

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